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Stories For Generation Y

Alec Bostwick Official Website. 'BuzzFeed meets This American Life.' BostWiki is a Filmmaker and Journalist in New York City, and Video Producer at BuzzFeed.


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The Overton Window -  Podcast


Episode - 6 - 

A public school teacher and a journalist living in NYC explore the goofy New York Media World through his twitter account. New Episode Every Thursday. Tweet us @bostwiki

Topics discussed this episode:
1.) Dr Oz promotes Astrology... to sell a book?
2.) Policing language. 'Wheel-Chair bound' politically incorrect?
3.) Climate Change is used as a political weapon.
4.) Fox News lies about the Philadelphia Eagles (Kneeling during the anthem)
5.) When is it legal to discriminate in the U.S.? Religion vs. Identity? The Cake-Baker Supreme Court 

Episode -5 -

A New York public school teacher goes down the rabbit hole of a New York journalist's twitter account. 

Topics discussed this episode:
1.) The history of the Hashtag ##
2.) What to do when the News wants to interview you.
3.) Edit Manipulation on Samantha Bee, John Oliver, Jon Stewart,
4.) How to get into YouTube? Is there anything good?
5.) Roseanne, the racist? We go deep into the debate of what is racist vs being a racist. 
6.) Are all White People Racist?

Episode - 4 - OVerton Window

Where Alec goes after Jordan Peterson and Delaney defends him? 
This episode goes deep and gets combative on topics:
1.) Polygamy
2.) Enforced Monogamy
3.)Gender Pay Gap
4.)Women's Right
5.) Utilitarianism

And where Alec says, "like, like a lot, y'know?"


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